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Does my Lawyer Need to be Board Certified?

Board Certified is a term we hear, but what it means? We hear it used in terms of both attorneys and doctors. Let’s take a closer look at what it means to be board-certified and if it should matter to you, as the client.

What Does Board Certified Mean?

For a physician, board certification means that they have gone above and beyond their peers by pursuing more than the minimum requirements for their particular specialty. They will agree to participate in additional and ongoing training and assessments. It certainly is desirable to have a board-certified doctor, knowing they are pursuing excellence.

What does Board Certified mean for an attorney?

For one thing, it means years of trial experience. If you are going to trial, then this is definitely a quality you want in your attorney. You want someone who is confident and experienced in the courtroom. According to, “Board certification recognizes attorneys’ special knowledge, skills, and proficiency in various areas of law and professionalism and ethics in practice.”

Are Most Attorney’s Board Certified?

In Florida, seven percent of Florida Bar members are board-certified. Less than 1.5 percent of attorneys in Florida are Board Certified, civil trial attorneys. That means the other 5.5 percent specialize in other areas of law.

In order to obtain this board certification, an attorney has to have been practicing law for a minimum of five years. They also have to undergo testing and ongoing legal education. It takes extra time in an already busy schedule to become Board Certified. These are attorneys who are seeking excellence in their field.

Are Nance Cacciatore Attorney’s Board Certified?

At Nance| Cacciatore Law, all six of our partners in the firm are Board Certified.

How Qualified are the Attorneys at Nance Law?

Not only are our partners board-certified, but they have outstanding records in civil trial law.

  • James H. Nance obtained the first $1 million verdicts in the 18th Judicial Circuit.
  • In the 1970s, Sammy Cacciatore literally helped to change negligence laws, so that victims of personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits would receive appropriate compensation.
  • John N. Hamilton has won numerous multi-million dollar verdicts for his clients.
  • Charles G. Barger, Jr. won one of the largest verdicts of its kind in Brevard County in a legal malpractice case.
  • James N. Nance won one of the largest verdicts in state history that caused an insurance company to pay millions over its policy coverage.
  • Sammy M. Cacciatore, in addition to being a board-certified attorney, has his Master’s degree in Health Sciences making him uniquely qualified in understanding the needs of injured people which is extremely important when fighting for their rights in a trial.

If you are in need of an attorney to fight for your rights in a civil law trial such as car accident injurywrongful death, liability, or malpractice, then you need to look no further than the extremely qualified attorneys of Nance Law. As we illustrated above, our attorneys strive for excellence and fight vehemently on behalf of their clients. Don’t sit at home fretting about what to do.  We can help you every step of the way.

Nance Law is on your side!

    Professional & Efficient

    “Mr. Cacciatore and his staff were very professional and efficient in successfully settling my case in record time.”

    - George W.
    Extremely Grateful

    “You and your firm smoothed the road. I want you to know that I believe the Nance Cacciatore Law firm performed flawlessly on my behalf.”

    - Michael
    Always Kept Me Informed

    “You all were wonderful, I never needed a lawyer before and I’m glad that I chose you. The whole process was very simple and smooth for me.”

    - Susan
    Great Law Firm

    “They paid extra special attention to every case and make you feel like you’re their only case. Their reputation and record are spotless. You can’t go wrong by choosing them to represent you.”

    - Kevin
    Highly Recommend

    “They truly care about you and your family. They are very knowledgeable and passionate about standing up for your rights against Giants who would definitely prevent you from getting what is fair in the present and future.”

    - Kevin

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