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Few injuries are as painful and agonizing as severe burns. The skin destroyed by the burn will become highly sensitive to heat, light, and movement, so simply sitting in a hospital bed and trying to rest can be a painful experience. Severe burns also cause dangerous dehydration, which can create a number of other health problems during recovery. In so many words, recovering from a burn injury is grueling, so the compensation owed to you from the party that caused your burn should be significant.

Do you need to file a burn injury claim in Melbourne, Florida, but don’t know where to begin? Are you worried that your compensation could be undercut by the efforts of the opposing insurance company? Give yourself a break and your claim a boost by teaming up with Nance Cacciatore. Our burn injury attorneys are dedicated to getting the most compensation possible for our clients in the face of any opposition. While we dig into the details of your case, we just want you to take care of yourself.

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Causes of Burn Injuries

How did your burn injury happen? This is a simple question, but the answer is important. By examining the details of your case, we can find evidence that proves how and why your burn injury happened. Specifically, we can show what the liable party did and why that action amounts to negligence under Florida’s liability laws.

Four of the most common sources of burn injuries are:

  • Open flames: Even momentary exposure to open flames can be enough to cause a serious burn injury. Were you exposed to open flames due to a defective product, vehicle fire, or another type of disaster? It is time to explore your legal options with our help.
  • Heated surfaces: Placing your skin on a heated surface can cause a sudden burn, especially if that surface was metal. Heated surface burn injuries are most commonly cited in cases involving defective products that overheat, such as a hair straightener that burns your scalp.
  • Toxic chemicals: Caustic chemicals can damage and destroy the skin upon contact, resulting in an injury that is essentially a burn despite there being no heat source. Unsafe products like certain home cleaning products are the usual sources of chemical burn injuries.
  • Electric sources: If you are exposed to a live electric source or wire, it can cause electrocution. In addition to a host of other internal injuries, electrocutions can severely burn your skin.

Burn Injury Degrees

In medical contexts, burn injuries are sorted by degree. The higher the degree, the worse the burn. The degree of your burn can be useful for your claim because it can justify your damages. Defendants often like to point at the claimant’s medical record and say that their burn can’t be that bad, so why should they pay “that much” in damages owed to them? If your medical record says you have a third-degree burn, though, this argument can be shut down much more easily.

Burn injury degrees are arranged as such:

  • First: A first-degree burn is a mild burn that should only cause slight pain and irritation for a short while. With basic first aid, it can be treated readily. A burn injury claim is usually not justified following a first-degree burn unless the victim was an infant or someone with a health condition that caused the burn to blister and scar.
  • Second: A second-degree burn is a moderate burn that damages several layers of skin. It can cause blistering and severe pain, and an infection may occur if untreated. After first aid, the victim should go to an urgent care center for further care. An injury claim might be justified based on the recovery process and lasting consequences of the burn.
  • Third: A third-degree burn is a severe burn that destroys deep tissue. Emergency medical attention is required. If left untreated, a third-degree burn can become fatal, especially if the victim’s airway has been damaged. Most burn injury claims involve a third-degree burn.
  • Fourth or worse: A fourth-degree burn – or worse – is typically not considered survivable. The victim will have suffered extensive, deep tissue burns that often cause rapid expiration. A wrongful death claim could be permitted in such a case.

Treatments for Severe Burn Injuries

After receiving emergency medical treatments, the recovery process for a burn injury victim is not over. Instead, there are often weeks or months of further medical care required to ensure the burn heals correctly and does not get infected. If a burn was suffered near or on a joint, then rehabilitative therapy may be required to relearn how to use the affected body part without aggravating the burn.

In some cases, a skin graft may be required to treat the burn and allow the affected area to heal. Skin grafts are expensive, complicated, and may take several surgeries to fully complete. They also usually leave the patient with a noticeable scar where the grafting was completed. The compensation owed to a burn injury survivor can be steep when only considering the process and consequences of a skin graft. Factoring in other treatments and costs can cause a burn injury claim’s value to reach six or seven figures.

How We Can Help

You have your choices when looking for a burn injury attorney in Melbourne, Florida. But we think your choice should be easy if you want to work with a legal team that genuinely cares about your future finances and wellbeing: choose Nance Cacciatore!

Our team can help you in so many ways, such as:

  • Investigating the accident or incident that caused your burn.
  • Collecting evidence of negligence to prove liability.
  • Calculating your full damages, including future costs and losses.
  • Filing your claim against the correct defendants and insurance policies.
  • Answering any inquiries or challenges from the defendants.
  • Dealing with insurance companies at every step of the way.
  • Negotiating for a fair settlement that gets you compensation sooner than later.
  • Litigating in court if we have to file a lawsuit to achieve your recovery.

Call Today to Learn About Starting a Claim

You don’t need to busy yourself with all the steps and details of a burn injury claim, not when you should be resting. Come to our law firm today and give us the honor of working on your case for you. We are ready to assist you however we can, especially when it comes to bringing a strong case against those who caused you so much harm!

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