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Common Motorcycle Safety Tips To Avoid Accidents

August 19, 2014
Motorcycle Safety Accident Tips

Motorcycle Safety Accident TipsIt does not matter whether you are a new or experienced rider, anyone can get into a motorcycle accident. Motorcycles tend to be fast and exciting to ride but are way more dangerous than a car. To be specific, the risk of an accident is 30 times higher than those in a car. While not all accidents are the fault of the rider, it is important to take certain precautions to reduce the risk as much as possible.

A motorcycle accident lawyer in Melbourne FL may get you off if you are caught on the wrong side of the law in the event of a motorcycle accident, but you also have your health and life to worry about. Here are 5 common and helpful safety tips for motorcycle riders.

Undergo A Motorcycle Safety Course

Sure, you may have taken a skills test before getting your license but going a step further to take a safety course will give you confidence on the road and reduce accident risk. During this course, you will encounter various risky situations and be taught on how to handle them. So by the time you hit the road, you not only know how to ride a motorcycle and follow road rules, but also stay safe.

Wear The Right Gear

Wearing a good helmet can go a great way in preventing death or serious head injuries in the occurrence of an accident. Remember that the motorbike will not protect you during an accident, the gear you have on is all the protection you have. Other than a helmet, wear the right clothing (bike specific pants and jacket) and the right shoes (tough with a rugged sole).
You can also get riding gloves to protect your hands. With the wrong clothing, even a small accident can cause a lot of damage.

Always Stay Alert

The worst thing for both drivers and riders to be is distracted. This is one of the most leading causes of road accidents. Anytime you are on your bike riding, be aware of everything that is happening around you including other vehicles and pedestrians. Do not wear your headphones and keep your phone tucked away.

Do Not Ride Above Your Skills

Being able to ride a motorbike is a skill and different people have reached different levels of it. Simply because you want to impress your friends or challenge yourself, do not attempt anything you have not yet learnt through extensive practice. If you need to give yourself a challenge, do it in a safe area where there is no risk of hurting yourself seriously or other people.

Leave Enough Space Between You And Other Traffic

Simply because your bike is smaller and easier to maneuver around tight spaces, do not be tempted to get too close to other cars or motorbikes. Braking too quickly on a bike can be very dangerous and normal safe braking requires space. Know, through practice, what distance you need to stop your bike and ensure that you have that space out on the road. In the unforeseen event that you cannot brake safely and quickly while riding, always leave an escape option such as a road shoulder.

Keep these and any other helpful motorcycle safety tips in mind and you will be much safer while riding.

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