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Surprising Florida Car Accident Stats To Be Aware Of

December 31, 2014

Tens of thousands of people lose their lives in car accidents each year, in the United States alone. Statistically speaking, approximately 700 major car accidents take care in the state of Florida each day, and more than half of them result in fatalities.

If you have been physically, emotionally or mentally affected by a car crash, then you should know that you might be entitled to financial compensation, and only an experienced and skilled Melbourne, Florida personal injury lawyer can help you get what is rightfully yours.

Accidents Happen Regardless Of The Weather Conditions

One of the most common misconceptions amongst drivers is that most accidents in Florida are related to bad weather, and they tend to be more cautions when driving only on a wet road, when instead they should be driving carefully all the time. Statistically speaking, 9 fatal car accidents out of 10 occur when the road surface is dry.

Reckless Driving – A Culprit Behind Fatal Car Crashes In Florida

There are two main crash causes that are accounted for more than 50% of the total number of car crashes in this state: failing to yield to right of way and reckless or aggressive driving.

Injury Rates Have Increased By One Tenth Over The Past Year

The injury rates have gone up by 10% in the state of Florida, this is why it is of utmost importance for all those involved in a car accident to know that they can always count on the services of a skilled personal injury attorney to help them come up with a solid case in court.

A Third Of Fatal Car Crashes Are Caused By Drunk Drivers

Driving under the influence is a serious offense, and more than 30% of the auto accidents that took place in the state of Florida over the past few years were caused by drunk drivers. Innocent people were murdered and families were torn apart because of excessive alcohol consumption combined with negligence and irresponsibility. Don’t add to the statistics!

Passenger Cars, Vans And Pickups Are Amongst The Top Vehicles Involved

In more than 90% of the cases (approximately 290,000 accidents), there was a passenger car, a pick-up or a van involved, followed by tractor trailers and heavy trucks in 8% of the cases and buses in 2%.

Avoid Driving During The Night Time

Most of the car crashes take place during the night, and if you are the type of person who loves to drive at night in order to avoid traffic jams, then you should reconsider this. Increased fatigue, decreased field of vision and a higher number of drivers that drink and drive are three of the factors that have led to a higher number of car crashes at night. Approximately 54% of the nighttime car accidents are caused by drunk drivers.

Pay Attention To The Blind Spots

Another common mistake many drivers tend to make these days is that they rely exclusively on their rear view and side mirrors, when they should look into the lanes just to make sure there is nothing left undetected by the mirrors. Also, make sure to remember that other drivers deal with blind spots, too!

The Seat Belt Can Truly Be A Life Saver

Although may consider it bothersome or uncomfortable, the fact is that seat belts save millions of lives each year!

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