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The Right and Wrong Ways to Handle a Car Accident

December 9, 2019

If you have ever been in a car accident, then you may have wondered if you should contact an attorney.  The very first thing you should always do is to contact the police.  It is always best to have a police officer take an official accident report at the scene of the accident.  If any witnesses pull over, the police can also ask them what happened so they are getting a full picture of the event.

Eyewitness Statements

You may wonder if eyewitnesses are reliable.  This is a gray area.  Some eyewitnesses may be excellent while others forget important details.  This is why it is beneficial to talk to multiple people because a police officer is usually able to piece together a pretty good idea of what happened.  When it is just you and the other person involved in the accident, you may remember it differently or one person could lie, trying to hide the fact that they were the person at-fault.  Passengers within the cars involved are also witnesses, but again, they may lie or they may not really know what happened, such as someone who was napping or a young child.

Car Accident

After the police officer is done, you will want to notify your car insurance company of what just happened.  Even though the police officer took a full report, we highly recommend that you take photos of all damage to both vehicles, obtaining the other driver’s name, license plate number, make and model of the vehicle, and the name of their insurance company, so that you can pass that along to your insurance agent.  The more you know, the better.

Ambulance Chasers

Sadly, there are people out there who try to take advantage of the unfortunate incident of a car accident.  One of these is an attorney who is often referred to as an “ambulance chaser.”  They may listen to police scanners to know where car accidents take place and show up on the scene offering their business card, telling you how much money they can get for you for damages, pain, and suffering.  If you were just involved in a slow-moving fender bender at a stoplight, then you really probably are not in need of an attorney of any type.  Your car insurance and health insurance should be enough to cover any issues.  And, it is unlikely that you or your car suffered any permanent or ongoing damage or injury.  These are people that are looking to make a quick buck off your bad afternoon.  Don’t trust them or bother calling them, PLEASE.

Car Accident Exploiters

The other type of person is the one involved in the accident who was not at-fault but now sees this as his way to make a quick million bucks because he can “never work again” due to “injuries, pain, and suffering” caused by his rear tail light being broken and a scratch on his bumper.  This is not right.  A car accident is not the way to make your fortune, particularly when you really are fine and your car can be repaired!  Sadly, some people are lacking in integrity and character.

Personal Injury Attorneys

We are neither of these types of people.  Nance Cacciatore Law is an upright legal firm with a team of personal injury attorneys in Melbourne, FL who aim to help people who truly need it.  We don’t chase ambulances, and we aren’t out to take a million dollars from a hard-working family who doesn’t have it, to give it to a liar who isn’t truly injured!  We are here to help those who are truly in need.

There are victims who will never recover from horrendous car accidents.  Some people are disabled for life, paralyzed or walking with a limp.  Others will lose limbs that were too badly injured for a surgeon to repair.  THESE are the people that truly need help and WE are the kind of attorneys that help just such people.  Our firm is built on integrity and a desire to help people.  We do not make any money unless you are awarded money as a result of your lawsuit.  You will not be indebted to us in the event you do not win, but we feel confident that we will be able to help you in your time of physical and financial hardship.  Please call us today before you go another day without pay from work or pay another medical bill!

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