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Typical Duration Time To Settle A Personal Injury Case

December 26, 2013
Personal Injury Trial

Personal Injury TrialNo one ever wants to suffer injuries and hardships due to the negligence of others. Unfortunately, not everyone whom we put our trust in takes the care they should. As a result, innocent people can suffer harm. For those who have suffered due to the negligence of others, seeking the help of a Melbourne FL personal injury attorney is advised.

Just as people do not wish to be injured, they rarely wish to become involved in a long, protracted lawsuit. To avoid such an scenario, they may wish to settle. As with court proceedings, the client may have concerns about how long it may take to actually settle a personal injury case.

A Number of Different Issues are Involved

No one can really provide a specific answer for how long it is going to take for personal injury cases to be settled. At a minimum, it may take several months. It is not out of the question several years may pass before a settlement is reached. There are quite a number of factors that tie into whether or not the case can be settled quickly. A lawsuit filed against someone who has no real chance of a successful defense likely can be settled in a relatively short amount of time.

An obstinate defendant might be unwilling to settle quickly regardless of how weak his defense may appear. Ultimately, it is up to the attorney to handle the settlement offer in an effective manner. This way, the potential to settle the case more quickly becomes possible.

The Role of Insurance Companies in Settlements

As previously mentioned, the greater the potential to prove liability, the sooner it may be to procure a settlement. Another factor that might contribute to expediting the settlement is whether or not the a defendant’s insurance company is willing to make a settlement. In cases where the defendant is clearly liable, an insurance company might see settlement as the best option.

The problem here is the insurance company is not looking out for the best financial interests of the injured party. As such, a very low settlement offer may be put forth. Those looking to receive a settlement payment quickly might be willing to accept a low offer, but this could be a mistake. A better strategy would be to follow the advice of a personal injury attorney professional who can make a determination as to whether or not the settlement offer is a good one.

Plaintiffs Should Should Look for the Best Outcome

While it is definitely understandable that an injured party would want to receive payment to cover medical and other expenses as quickly as possible, it might not necessarily be advisable to take the quickest offer instead of the best offer. The best settlement offer might take some time. That said, by hiring the right personal injury attorney, an agreeable outcome might be achieved in a relatively reasonable amount of time.

While the ultimate decision to settle rests with the client, listening to the advice of an experienced attorney could prove more beneficial in the long run.

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