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The Plaintiff was stopped southbound on US Highway 1 in Melbourne, Florida, awaiting a turn signal. The Defendant negligently swerved into the northbound lane of a large truck, forcing that vehicle to shift into the southbound lanes and crash head-on into the Plaintiff’s Fed Ex van.

The Plaintiff sustained lacerations to her nose and face that were repaired plastic surgically. Plaintiff also sustained an aggravated injury to her pre-existing neck and back problems. The Plaintiff’s most significant complaints were the bilateral, chronic ankle sprain/strains that she experienced in this accident. The defense medical expert testified that she had not sustained a permanent injury and further testified that he found no reason for her not to return to work full-duty. The Plaintiff’s treating physicians testified that she had sustained permanent injury.

The Plaintiff had filed a Proposal for Settlement for the sum of $199,999.99 – this offer to settle was rejected by the Defendant. Nance Cacciatore with Sammy M. Cacciatore obtained a $737,479.00 verdict at trial for the Plaintiff.

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