Brevard County’s
Oldest Injury Law Firm

Nance Cacciatore has been involved with a large number of notable cases over the years. We’re very acquainted with the dangers of Brevard County roadways, especially for pedestrians. We’ve fought hard over the years to achieve landmark results for our clients.

The plaintiffs walking southbound along Croton Road on the bicycle path and stopped at its intersection with Treeline Boulevard. The defendant was driving his automobile southbound on Croton and attempting to turn left onto Treeline Boulevard. The other defendant was traveling northbound on Croton at an excessive rate of speed when his vehicle struck the turning vehicle operated by the first defendant forcing his vehicle toward the bike path striking the two pedestrians.

One of our clients suffered a fracture of the left clavicle, injury to the left shoulder, and multiple lacerations on the scalp and knees. He had a loss of consciousness immediately following the trauma and suffered from dizziness.

Our other client suffered fractures of the right tibia, left femur, left ankle, left calcaneus, right fifth metacarpal, tears of the right knee ligament and meniscus, and multiple lacerations on the upper and lower extremities. She developed an infection following a bone graft.

S. Sammy Cacciatore obtained a joint settlement of $1,200.000.00. It was an honor for our law firm to be able to achieve such a verdict for our client.

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