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Avoid Car Accidents: Top Culprits Of Auto Accidents

December 3, 2013
Car Accident Distractions

Car Accident DistractionsNowadays there are countless factors which contribute towards an auto accident. There are various different reasons as to why a crash occurs, however some crashes are caused by distractions. There are many distractions which can occur while you are driving and this is extremely dangerous as your eyes may be taken off the road.

If you take your eyes off the road for even just a second you could have caused an accident by hitting a small child who has ran onto the road or hit the car in front of you. It is vital that you drive with full concentration on the road at all times to prevent car crashes from happening. Click here to see statistics on motor vehicle crashes and fatalities.

Three of the more common distractions while driving on the road include eating, phone usage and lack of sleep. Each of these distractions are as dangerous as each other as they could all potentially result in a nasty road accident. By understanding and knowing these distractions, a driver can focus on driving safely and be more aware of the environment outside and inside of the vehicle.

Your Melbourne, Florida personal injury attorney wants you to avoid the following distractions while driving.


Eating while you are driving is a very common distraction which often leads to automobile accidents. This is certainly a very dangerous distraction as you will focus on your eating more than the driving. This is because while you are eating your attention will be divided into different segments. Along with actually holding the food in your hand you will be concentrating on not making a mess, chewing the food, swallowing it without choking, and glancing at it to see how much there is left.

In fact, eating will keep your eyes off the road for quite a considerable amount of time and you will likely be holding the steering wheel with only one hand. This means you will have a lot less control over the vehicle and can potentially lead to an accident. Driving with one hand and focusing on eating is just as lethal as driving while intoxicated. This is an accident which can easily be avoided.

The solution to preventing this distraction is simple. Have something to eat before you set out on your journey or leave earlier as you can then sit in the car park at your destination and eat in the car while the vehicle is stationary. If you do this you are decreasing the likelihood of a crash making the road a safer place.

Cell Phone Usage

In the modern day phones are used for almost everything. They are no longer only used for making phone calls as they now have several features. They can be used to access the internet just like computers. Phones are at the very top of the list of distractions to drivers and are reportedly the most common cause of accidents.

Just the actual act of slightly paying attention to your phone while you are driving is indeed a recipe for disaster which is caused by distraction. Phones are classed as a distraction as they require you to use your hand to hold them, eyes to read text messages and ears to listen to a phone call. This means your reaction availability and reaction time are both drastically lessened.

The solution to prevent this distraction is to simply not use your phone under any circumstances while you are driving. If there is a passenger in the vehicle with you then have them answer the phone for you so you can fully concentrate on driving and staying safe. Using phones while driving can have very serious consequences and for this reason many states have passed a law making it illegal to use them while driving.

Lack Of Sleep

Driving after having little or no sleep whatsoever can be a very risky move. Your reaction speeds will be much slower and your eyes me even close while you are driving. This could cause an accident easily as you may hit a car or even drift onto the wrong side of the road. This is dangerous and is very similar to driving while you are intoxicated. Driving while feeling drowsy and sleepy does lead to accidents and is one of the most common distractions while driving.

This distraction can easily be prevented by ensuring you get a good nights sleep before driving the next morning. There is no point driving after having no sleep as you will simply feel tired in the car and want to go to sleep.

If there is a reason for not being able to sleep before your journey then simply let someone else drive or do not go on the journey until it is safe to do so. If you do this you are making the road much safer for yourself and also everybody around you.

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