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Bad Faith Insurance Practices

October 15, 2020
Angry couple arguing with insurance manager about bad faith insurance practice

When we buy insurance – whether automobile, health, or life – we expect that after paying our premiums month after month, year after year, that if the time comes when we need our insurance, it will be there for us. And that should be the case! Unfortunately, many insurance companies let down their customers and practice in bad faith.

Dropping Clients and Increasing Insurance Rates

We have all heard stories of insurance companies dropping clients after they use their insurance for a large claim. Maybe it has even happened to you. We have also all heard of or experienced insurance rates going up after a claim.

It is disgusting. You pay for the insurance. Yet, punished for using it. One woman told us, “We had to use the towing service a couple of times because our daughter’s car broke down, once due to a failed transmission and her next car was in an accident. After paying for her totaled car, the insurance company dropped us! We’re thankful we got the money for her car, but they punished us for using the services we paid for through our premiums. The insurance company said it was because we used the towing service too much! It only costs about $50 to tow a car. I think it’s because they had to pay for her totaled car. I will never use that company again for any form of insurance. We see their commercials on TV, and we know they don’t mean what they say. It’s very disappointing.”

Bad Faith Insurance Practice on Legitimate Claim

It often feels like insurance companies can do whatever they want with no repercussions. We are here to tell you that bad faith insurance practices are illegal, and we are here to help you if you have been a victim. 

bad faith insurance practice means the insurance company either refuses to pay your legitimate claim or refuses to investigate and process it within a reasonable period. They cannot refuse to pay a legitimate claim, nor can they make you sit around for years waiting for their decision. You might think that only small, “fly by night” insurance companies try to get away with such crimes, but large companies do it too.  

Nance Cacciatore Fights For You

Clients are often intimidated by large companies thinking that they will have too many attorneys and are too big for one little person to fight. We are here to fight for you!  

Nance Cacciatore has an outstanding reputation for winning cases. Two such examples resulted in a $425,000 settlement and a $225,000 settlement. We are here to win money on behalf of our clients. If you believe your insurance company has committed a bad faith insurance practice crime, please don’t wait. Call us at Nance Cacciatore today!

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