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Crosswalks Can Save Your Life, Especially in Florida!

October 9, 2019

Living on the east coast of Florida is like living in paradise.  Even if you don’t actually live beachside, you are still not far from the beach.  We have mild winters, our summers aren’t overly hot thanks to our proximity to the ocean, and spring and fall weather can’t be beaten!  Yes, it is a wonderful place to live.  For those living near the beaches, there is a familiar sight which isn’t spotted as frequently in other places.  It is the sight of pedestrians making a dash across the street (A1A) to get to and from the beach.


It is not unusual to see people standing on a center divider or in a middle turn lane, waiting to continue their expedition across A1A.  Most locals are used to this.  They tend to keep a sharper eye out for pedestrians than those visiting the area.  But, it only takes one person not seeing a pedestrian for a horrible, life-changing accident to occur.  That is why we wanted to discuss crosswalks in this blog.


At Nance|Cacciatore Law we have seen more pedestrian-related accidents than we ever should have.  These accidents are avoidable which is what makes them even more tragic.  Crosswalks are not there to inconvenience the pedestrian.  They are there to protect you, to give you a safer space in which to cross the street.  Drivers are more aware at crosswalks that there may be a person crossing the street as opposed to driving merrily down the road and having someone run out in front of them.  As hard as they may try, sometimes these drivers cannot avoid hitting the pedestrian.  Maybe they don’t see them in time.  Maybe they are surrounded by other cars and have nowhere to go to avoid the pedestrian.  Whatever the case, a tragic and unnecessary accident can occur.


Sadly, according to the “Miami-Herald” article, “Walking?  You’re Risking Your Life in Florida, the Deadliest State for Pedestrians,” we learn just how dangerous it is to be a pedestrian in our beautiful state.  Our local area had one of the highest pedestrian death rates in the state, most likely because of our proximity to the beach.


You may say, “But, pedestrians have the right of way.  Drivers have to stop!”  In truth, pedestrians have the right of way in MARKED CROSSWALKS.  On the road, where there are no crosswalks, the vehicles actually have the right of way.  Of course, if a car can stop in time for you, they will.  But, the simple fact is, a car doesn’t stop on a dime.  Sometimes these collisions are unavoidable.  However, they have a greater chance of being avoided if pedestrians will use designated crosswalks.


At Nance|Cacciatore Law, serving Melbourne, Titusville, and Brevard County, we sincerely hope that you and your family are spared the physical and emotional pain of a pedestrian death or injury.  However, if you or a loved one has been a victim of a pedestrian-vehicular accident, please give us a call today.  Let us help you determine if you have monetary compensation that is rightfully yours.  We fight for our clients and have an outstanding reputation.  If you’re ever in an unfortunate situation involving a car crash, boat accident, or wrongful death, we extend our deepest condolences. Please remember, we are here for you and our team of personal injury attorneys in Melbourne, FL looks forward to representing you.

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