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Four Common Types Of Motorcycle Accidents

February 4, 2014
Common Motorcycle Accidents

Common Motorcycle AccidentsRiding a motorcycle can be very dangerous. Riders involved in motorcycle collisions are especially susceptible to numerous kinds of injuries, from distressing brain injuries to whiplash.

Understanding the most frequent accident scenarios, can go a long way in helping you become a safer and better rider. Therefore, as a rider, you must be prepared for such situations so as to know how to avoid them.

If you are involved in a motorcycle accident that isn’t your fault, you may look for a qualified personal injury attorney in Melbourne Fl for legal assistance and expertise advice. Below are 4 common types of motorcycle accidents.

Your Motorcycle Gets Rear-ended

You come to a stop/intersection, cross walk to avoid some animals crossing the road, when the driver behind does not see and drives into you at a very high speed. This is called a fender bender, the most common accident that kills motorcyclists. You can avoid such a collision by stepping to the side instead of standing at the center of the lane. Flash your break lights rapidly by tapping the brake lever. Be cautious of the car behind you and be ready to step away even further if need be.

A Car Turning Into The Lane You’re Driving In

You are riding in traffic and suddenly a car moves into your lane, this is another tricky situation for most motorcyclists. Remember motorcycles can fit into blind spots easily and most drivers program their minds to see cars and not motorcycles. The most crucial thing to do is to be aware of blind spots and spend less time in them. If the highway traffic is slowing down and a single lane is moving much faster than the rest, most drivers would switch to that lane.

Therefore, avoid that lane as much as possible. In addition, check for the signs of a car switching lanes, wheels turning, turn signals and the driver checking his mirrors constantly. By checking all that you will be good. More information on motorcycle statistics and safety can be found here.

A Left Turning Car

This is a major cause of motorcycle collision. It occurs when a driver fails to see you and turns left in front of you or he incorrectly judges your speed. Blame distraction, inattention or even blind spots. As a motorcyclist you should always be on the lookout, you must develop a sixth sense. Look for signs of a car turning in front of you, avoid it or slow down. Beware of vehicles around you as well. If you are driving in blind spots, you are endangering yourself, stay where other drivers can easily see you.

The Road Environment

In some circumstances, the weather can be a major cause of collisions. Hail stones, fog or snow can create a risky environment for both drivers and motorcyclists. For instances, if it rains heavily, the roads become slippery and wet making it difficult for drivers to control their cars. Thus, it is advisable to check the weather forecast and avoid riding all together when the weather is not conducive. However, if you’re already on the road and the weather changes, keep off the road until it’s safe to drive again

Your safety on the road is the key. In case of an accident report the incident to the concerned authorities and take other necessary steps. On the other hand, new riders should undertake basic training before they begin riding.

If you have been a victim of a motorcycle accident in Melbourne or Titusville, contact the board certified experts at Nance Cacciatore for a free consultation.

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