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How Dangerous Is the I-95 for Truckers and Motorists?

December 15, 2021
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On the west side of Melbourne, you’ll find Interstate 95. This 1,908-mile highway from Miami to the north is one of the more dangerous in the nation, especially for trucking accidents. According to FreightWaves, the I-95 is the second most dangerous interstate throughout the United States, especially for truckers.

Unfortunately, several dangers exist on this interstate, leading to some of the most catastrophic injuries and traffic accidents. Below, we will explain some of the things you can look for to stay safe and avoid some of the most severe harm.

Congestion Creates Problems

As one of the main interstates along the east coast of the United States, the I-95 is frequently traveled by drivers and truckers alike. More congestion creates potential dangers, especially when someone is speeding or driving distracted.

With so many truckers on this highway, it can be significantly dangerous because not all truck drivers or companies abide by industry regulations. The traffic can also lead to many elephant races as trucks try to pass each other, slowing down the vehicles behind them and increasing the chances of a multi-vehicle crash.

Speeding and Weather Conditions

Far too often, it’s speeding or weather conditions that cause some of the most severe accidents. I-95’s speed limits sit at 70 miles per hour. However, many drivers go over that speed, leading to some of the most severe crashes.

When rain falls in Melbourne, it increases the dangers on this highway. While the weather can be a potentially hazardous addition, it’s still on drivers to ensure they are operating their vehicles safe for the conditions. When this happens, the driver may still be held accountable.

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