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How Is Fault Determined In a Truck Accident?

January 15, 2022
How Is Fault Determined In a Truck Accident?

If you experience a severe crash with a large commercial truck, taking the necessary legal action is imperative to your recovery. However, you must recognize how fault is determined to hold a specific party accountable for your damages.

Working with a lawyer helps, but the things you do after a truck accident can help strengthen your claim. Our team works with you throughout the entire process, but we want you to have vital information so that you may move forward with the highest confidence.

Here are the different factors that can help prove fault in a truck crash:

  • Evidence of negligent conduct
  • Statements from all parties involved
  • Police and accident reports

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Evidence of Negligence

In a truck accident, evidence of negligence can include a wide range of documents and factors. In terms of negligence, trucking accidents can occur because of texting, intoxication, and fatigue, just like any other crash. However, the trucking industry has additional regulations in place that companies and drivers must follow to promote safety.

Other signs of negligence in a trucking accident can include:

  • False time stamps when the driver works longer than the Hours of Service regulations allow.
  • Signs of speeding, such as tire marks from a truck driver slamming on their brakes.
  • An overloaded tractor-trailer rolling over onto its side.

If you can show any of the above, you can hold the truck driver or others in the company liable for a crash. It helps to work with a lawyer who can show evidence of negligence on your behalf.

Statements from All Parties

After a crash, certain statements can impact a claim. The same is true for trucking accidents. In a trucking accident, the truck driver, you, and witnesses can provide statements regarding what may have happened. Statements can also come from the trucking company and organizations responsible for investigating these types of collisions.

It’s important to be careful with what you say after a truck accident. Your statements can be used against you, especially when speaking with the truck driver or insurance adjusters who need to know how to handle a claim. Work with a lawyer first to protect your rights.

Police Reports

If you suffer severe injuries or property damage, you should be sure to call police officers to the accident scene. Police can gather statements from everyone involved while also helping all parties get the information they need. Police reports can also include information about the truck and truck driver that can show signs of negligence.

Reporting the crash to law enforcement is one of the most effective ways to safeguard your rights. It can also be problematic if you do not report the crash to law enforcement and either party leaves the accident scene.

Working with a Lawyer

It’s never easy to suffer any type of injury. You deserve to safeguard your rights and pursue maximum compensation for your physical, emotional, and financial hardships. Because trucking companies have large corporations protecting their profits, you deserve to have someone on your side to help you understand your options.

At Nance Cacciatore, we care about getting you results when you need them most. We want to give you confidence as you move through the legal process to hold negligence accountable. Even more, we want to provide you with the legal counsel that helps you obtain compensation for your damages.

Our Melbourne truck accident attorneys go beyond the call of duty to seek justice on your behalf. You can trust that we will put your rights first and be your voice against negligence. Let us help you every step of the way.

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