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How To Handle Your Vehicle During A Car Accident

October 10, 2020
Front of light gray color car, damaged and broken by accident on road in morning time.

Have you ever thought about what would happen if another car hit your car while in motion? You may have learned in Driver’s Education about which way to turn the steering wheel to help regain control while your vehicle spins. But how many of us remember that significant piece of information, especially during a car accident? We were sixteen and enamored with the idea of having the freedom to drive. For most of us, we learned the main rules of the road and forgot some of those other details that are useful!

How to Regain Control of Your Car

If you have been hit and are spinning, remember to apply pressure to the brakes without “slamming” the brakes. It will help slow the car. Put your car in neutral to take power away from the wheels. Lastly, steer in the direction that the back of your vehicle is trying to go. Don’t yank the wheel harshly, or you may overcorrect, which won’t improve the situation.

Once you have regained control of your vehicle, it is time to move out of traffic, if possible. If your car is still driveable, try to pull over to the side of the road or into a nearby parking lot. You may need to put it in neutral and push it out of the way. This will help with the flow of traffic and prevent you from getting hit again. Sometimes this is not possible, and the car must remain in the traffic lane. If that is the case, leave the car and get yourself to safety.

2-Door Convertible Clipped by SUV

One woman shared this car accident story: “I was in a Miata, a small 2-door convertible, and was clipped by an SUV who changed lanes and didn’t see me! My car started spinning and clipped the tire of another car while it was in a spin. Once I stopped moving, I looked around to get my bearings. I wasn’t sure if I was facing the right way or not, which was scary. Thankfully, I was facing the right way, and my car still drove, so I pulled over. The SUV that hit me never stopped! The car whose tire I clipped was able to pull over too. An off-duty police officer stopped and called it in for us. The other driver was so gracious. She said there was no way the SUV didn’t know what just happened!”

Being in an accident is terrifying and spinning out of control makes it even scarier! We realize that when panic hits, you may not remember the above tips, but we hope you do. And, we hope you are as lucky as the woman who shared her story with us. She and her son (who was also in the car) were unharmed, as was the woman of the clipped tire. 

Nance Cacciatore Can Help with Your Car Accident Claim

Sadly, not everyone is this lucky. If you have been injured in a car accident and believe you have not received proper compensation, please call us at Nance Cacciatore Law. Sometimes the settlement amount from an insurance company truly is fair, but we know there are times when that is not the case. That is why we are here. We are located in Melbourne, Florida, and are here to help you!

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