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TBI – What Is It and Can It Involve a Lawsuit?

April 17, 2020

It seems like everything has an abbreviation for it these days.  We promise to BRB because we are busy LOLing and will have to TTYL.  What in the world did that just say, you may be wondering.  In “real words” it said, “We promise to be right back because we are busy laughing out loud and will have to talk to you later.”  Everything is abbreviated.  Kids and adults are said to have ASD which means they are on the Autism Spectrum delineating they have Autism Spectrum Disorder.  We also refer frequently to ADHD which is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.  The list is endless.


TBI – Traumatic Brain Injury

One abbreviation that has become more well-known lately is that of TBI.  This stands for Traumatic Brain Injury.  Because so many of our veterans are experiencing this in combat, it is being talked about more in the media.  The fact is that TBIs can happen from a variety of causes.  Some of these are unavoidable like those experienced during the theater of war.  However, others are preventable which is why we wanted to address the issue.  In some circumstances, someone is directly responsible and a lawsuit may be appropriate.


Traumatic Brain Injury Xrays

How Does TBI Affect a Person?

Traumatic Brain Injuries can affect a person in a myriad of ways.  As with PTSD, there may not be anything that is notably physically different about a person.  However, their personality may have changed or things that were previously simple such as talking may now be a challenge.  It is very difficult for a person when their injuries are “invisible” because people expect them to act the same way they did before the injury, but it is simply not possible.


When to Involve a Personal Injury Lawyer

For others, a brain injury may have damaged areas that affect large motor skills such as walking.  Regardless of the outcome, the life of the injured individual along with the lives of their immediate family are forever changed.  The medical costs of treating a traumatic brain injury can be staggering.  Additionally, in-home health care may be necessary for a brief time or a lifetime, depending upon the effects of the injury.  If the traumatic brain injury was caused due to a motorcycle or car accident or through a medical malpractice incident or another similar incident, then it may be time to call us.


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