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The Tragedy of Motorcycle Accidents

December 20, 2020
tragedy of motorcycle accidents police interviewing cyclist

We are all too familiar with the tragedy of motorcycle accidents. Motorcycle accidents often have a sad ending, and it is usually the motorcyclist who has the most severe injuries.


Motorcycle Accidents in Florida

Unfortunately, according to, the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration reported that Florida leads the United States in motorcycle accident fatalities. One reason is the fact that Florida does not require helmets for riders or passengers over the age of 21. When in a motorcycle accident without a helmet, you are more likely to sustain serious injuries or death.

The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration reported that in 2015 alone, 802 lives in the United States could have been saved if they had been wearing helmets. That is 802 fewer families grieving the loss of a loved one. Just because there isn’t a helmet law in Florida, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear one! Your loved ones don’t want to be a statistic.


It Won’t Happen to Me

We often have that mindset when we hear of tragic events – it won’t happen to me. We can control our own behavior but not that of others. For example, the wife of a local motorcycle rider shared this:

“My husband is a very experienced rider, but that doesn’t always matter when the other driver is at fault.  An unlicensed, uninsured driver pulled out in front of him from a parking lot while he had the right of way at a green light. He flew over the handlebars of his motorcycle.  Thankfully, he was wearing his helmet and only fractured his elbow.  It could have been much worse.”


What Someone Else is at Fault

Most motorcycle riders are very cautious as they are acutely aware that they will not win a fight with a vehicle or the asphalt. According to an article from, a study determined that 60 percent of the time, the other driver is at fault in a motorcycle accident.  If you are in a motorcycle accident and someone else is at fault, you need to call us at Nance Cacciatore.


How Can Nance Cacciatore Help Me?

Our expert attorneys have won multiple motorcycle accident cases in which our clients were awarded over a million dollars.  You don’t need to be overwhelmed by medical bills.  Our personal injury trial attorneys are here to help you.  We receive NO money from you until we win your case, so don’t let finances stand in the way of contacting us.  Nance Cacciatore is here to help!

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