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The Nance Cacciatore law firm is very passionate about defending those who are unable to defend themselves. Particularly when it comes to the elderly. Unfortunately. nursing homes don’t always provide our loved ones with the care that they deserve and they can even be neglected to the point that they receive a life-threatening injury. Nance Cacciatore has experience helping families get the compensation they and their elderly loved ones deserve.

In one notable case of nursing home neglect, the defendant was a 73-year-old retired postal employee who was admitted to Mariner Healthcare of Atlantic Shores Nursing Home for rehabilitation following complications from cervical surgery. While sleeping in his bed at the nursing home, the decedent was attacked by fire ants and stung repeatedly on various parts of his body. The fire ant attack caused the decedent to suffer from anaphylactic shock which ultimately resulted in his death the next day. The decedent’s surviving spouse retained Nance Cacciatore to represent her for the wrongful death of her husband.

During the discovery phase of this case, Nance Cacciatore discovered that the defendant’s nursing home had a known on-going fire ant problem for a period of years which intensified into a significant infestation in the months immediately prior to the fire ant attack. The nursing home had been advised by its pest control company it had under contract to increase the pest control activities and/or alter the pest control program in order to combat and control fire ants. The nursing home, however, made an affirmative decision not to do so because they did not want to incur any additional expense associated with the increased service.

The defendants denied responsibility for the decedent’s death and argued that the anaphylactic reaction had ended and completely resolved before the decedent died.

This recovery did not include punitive damages as Mariner Healthcare of Atlantic Shores had filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and punitive damages were prohibited as a result of an order entered in the bankruptcy case.

Prior to trial, Nance Cacciatore recovered $1,875,000 for his client in this case.

It’s shameful when the elderly are neglected and taken advantage of. The Nance Cacciatore Law firm has a great passion for making sure that nursing homes are held accountable when they don’t provide the vital services and care that our older loved ones have earned.

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