Brevard County’s
Oldest Injury Law Firm

Over the years the attorneys at Nance Cacciatore have had the privilege of taking part in some notable cases. One such case involved a cyclist who was involved in a tragic accident with a large truck. A Brevard County jury awarded $1.6 million dollars to the Plaintiff whose leg was crushed when she was run over by an 18 wheel tractor-trailer. The Plaintiff was riding her bicycle east on the Eau Gallie Causeway when the tractor-trailer pulled out of the Coastal convenience store parking lot. The accident left the Melbourne woman with a malfunctioning ankle and the inability to walk without the use of crutches or a cane.

The case handled by Attorney John N. Hamilton was tried by a jury and the verdict rendered was believed to be the second-largest personal injury verdict in Brevard County history at the time of the trial.

The case highlighted the problem with bike lanes in that area. Unlike bike paths, which permit two-way traffic, riders must go with the flow of traffic on bicycle lanes. Being able to make our community safer by bringing to light safety issues that exist around our area is something we take very seriously at the Nance Cacciatore law firm.

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