Brevard County’s
Oldest Injury Law Firm

The Nance Cacciatore law firm has taken part in many extraordinary and notable cases over the years. We fight hard for each client to make sure that they receive the compensation that they richly deserve.

One notable case involved a meter reader was walking her route when she came upon a house rented by the Defendant-tenant in Port St. John. As the client approached the house, four dogs – all pit bulls – leaped over a four-foot-high fence and attacked her. She tried using pepper spray to force the dogs to back off, but it had no effect. The dogs immediately bit her and dragged her around the yard, their sharp teeth and clenched jaws showing no signs of letting up. Once able to get away, she ran to a neighbor’s house for help, with the neighbor calling 911. The client sustained a number of injuries, with severe scarring and disfigurement to the face.

The investigation is very important in these types of cases, so when she contacted Nance Cacciatore, our investigators interviewed several of the Defendant-tenant’s neighbors and learned that a number of previous complaints had been made to the property owner, Penn Properties, and its trustee about the dogs, with one neighbor, even resorting to a claw hammer to defend himself against these vicious hounds. Our firm filed suit, based in part on the fact that defendant Penn Properties either knew or should have known that the dogs were dangerous.

Based on our investigation and subsequent negotiations with the defendant’s insurance carrier, James Nance settled the case for the policy limit of $1 million, giving our client the financial security to cover future medical expenses and lost wages without worrying about how she will make ends meet. This case is yet another example of our law firm going to whatever lengths that it takes to have a successful outcome for our clients.

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