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A local nursing home failed to provide adequate and appropriate healthcare and protective and support services to an elderly resident who suffered from Alzheimer’s and was known to be at high risk for falls. In the course of litigation, it was shown that this nursing home resident had sustained numerous prior falls that had been both documented and undocumented. The nursing home failed to take proper and appropriate steps to protect this nursing home resident from falls and to prevent the incidents from occurring. The nursing home further failed to properly assess and treat the resident for a serious injury to her left leg. The left leg injury, which was finally assessed and treated after numerous failed attempts by the resident’s daughter to get the nursing home staff to provide care and treatment for the resident, turned out to be a distal left femur fracture.

Nance Cacciatore represented Plaintiff in this case brought against the nursing home for failure to properly supervise and protect the nursing home resident as well as for the failure to properly diagnose and treat this obvious injury. A settlement was reached in this case for an undisclosed amount prior to trial.

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