Brevard County’s
Oldest Injury Law Firm

The Nance Cacciatore law firm has been involved in many notable cases involving motorcycle accidents. It’s an all too common occurrence when careless drivers do not look for motorcycle riders on our roadways and serious injuries result. Nance Cacciatore has had the momentous privilege of representing motorcycle accident victims over the years.

The Plaintiff was seriously and permanently injured when a driver of an Enterprise Rent-a-Car turned in front of him while he was riding his motorcycle. He was forced to lay down the bike and in doing so suffered orthopedic injuries as well as a closed head injury. The Plaintiff was represented by Attorney Jack Hamilton and the case was settled at a mediation conference for $1.2 million. Most of the proceeds from that settlement were placed into a structured annuity which will pay the Plaintiff benefits for the rest of his life. Our firm was extremely humbled to be able to assist our client to achieve this beneficial outcome.

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