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The Plaintiff was working at Honest John’s Fish Camp in Melbourne Beach, Florida when a Bradco Supply truck arrived at his place of business to deliver some aluminum roofing material. The Bradco Supply driver requested Plaintiff’s assistance in unloading the roofing material by hand instead of unloading this material with an available, functional forklift that was attached to the back of the delivery truck as was the company’s policy.

Prior to the unloading of this material, the Bradco truck driver provided no information or warning regarding the weight, physical properties, or other hazards associated with the handling of the material he was delivery nor did he offer or supply any gloves or other safety equipment to the Plaintiff during the unloading process. As the truck driver slid the material off of the side of the truck to the Plaintiff, he was unable to retain control over the surprising weight and unexpected flexibility of the metal roofing sheets. Plaintiff sustained a very serious right forearm laceration as the roofing sheets fell from the bed of the truck to the ground striking Plaintiff’s arm.

Nance Cacciatore obtained a settlement of $325,000.00 on behalf of his client.

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