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What are the Signs of Elder Abuse and Neglect

December 3, 2020
signs of nursing home neglect

Last month Nance Cacciatore posted a blog called, “What if my loved one is harmed in a nursing home?”  We felt that it was important to post a follow-up blog to discuss the signs of elder abuse or neglect.  If you become aware of any signs that your loved one is being abused or neglected while in their care facility, we urge you to first call the police, then call us.

Know the Signs of Elder Abuse and Neglect

The current pandemic has changed the visitation rules for care facilities.  Some of these restrictions are finally being lifted, but if you are still unable to visit your loved one regularly, then set up video calls.  Video calls make it possible for you to actually see your loved one and their surroundings.  This is helpful in determining if they are safe and if they are being cared for properly.

7 Signs and Symptoms of Elder Abuse and Neglect

  • Any unusual bruising, such as on the wrists or arms indicating that they are being grabbed or held
  • Looking disheveled or unkempt as if they are not receiving regular bathing and care, such as having their hair brushed.
  • Ask them how often their bedding is changed if you cannot visit to determine that their bedding is clean.
  • Looking fearful when they see an employee or caregiver walk by or come into their room.
  • Ask if they are hungry or if they are receiving enough food.
  • If you are able to visit, always check for bed sores which would indicate that they are not being moved enough
  • Ask if their clothing is changed daily, along with being changed into pajamas each night.

Additionally, always follow your gut instincts. If something doesn’t seem right, then you are probably right. There are plenty of facilities to choose from, so you never have to leave your loved one in a facility with which you are uncomfortable.  If you were in their position, would you want to stay there?  If not, find somewhere new for them as quickly as possible.

Nance Law Flights Against Elder Abuse and Neglect

As personal injury attorneys, Nance Law believes that elder abuse and neglect are some of the most heinous forms of personal injury that can occur.  If your loved one has experienced abuse or neglect at the hands of their caregiver, please call us today.  We have an excellent record of winning such cases and look forward to defending your loved one and helping to deliver the justice they deserve.

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