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What You Need to Know About Air Travel Safety

January 20, 2019

Every day, 2.6 million people fly on a plane according to the FAA. To give you an idea of how big that number is, it’s comparable to the entire population of Orlando, FL. With so many people using this form of transportation, it begs the question – how safe is flying? This is something those of us who have flown have undoubtedly wondered during takeoff! Let’s go over some statistics to determine the risks one takes when getting on a plane and explore some misconceptions about air travel while we’re at it.

For some, flying conjures feelings of fear and anxiety. Whether it’s claustrophobia, a fear of heights, or the thought of being involved in a plane crash, the fear of flying is a very real thing. Part of this could stem from stories on the news of horrific plane crashes. For instance, in October of 2018, a Boeing 747 flying out of Jakarta crashed into the Java Sea, killing 189 people. This tragedy made worldwide news and received massive coverage by the media.

While this accident was devastating and tragic, if we compare the number of fatalities related to that plane crash to the number of people killed in car accidents, we’ll find that car crashes kill 18 times more people on any given day than that specific plane crash did. On average there are 3,287 fatalities from auto accidents every day or around 1.25 million per year. These are staggering numbers. Meanwhile, airplane crashes killed 561 people in 2018. The previous year there were only 79 deaths from airplane accidents, making 2017 the safest year ever for commercial airlines. Bottom line – being on the road is much more dangerous than being on a plane.

While most people know that the likelihood of their flight going awry is close to non-existent, it doesn’t always make a difference in how they feel. Like we mentioned before, anxiety brought on by flying affects a lot of people, and some even suffer from debilitating phobias about flying on an airplane that makes it impossible for them to travel via air. So, what can you do if you’re one of the many that fear flying? Medical professionals advise learning coping mechanisms such as deep breathing and distracting yourself with a game or magazine to ward off the nerves while flying. In some cases, they might even prescribe anti-anxiety medication if they determine the anxiety is severe. But, even preparing yourself beforehand by understanding how a plane works and arming yourself with knowledge can be enough for many to get through a dreaded flight.

We hope our readers found this blog informative and will utilize some of these coping mechanisms for anxiety while flying. We want you to have peace of mind whenever traveling, and if we can contribute in any way we will. If you ever do get into an accident, our experienced team of personal injury attorneys in Melbourne, Florida is here for you. We’re armed with decades of legal knowledge, and we always fight for justice. Should you need legal representation in Brevard County, call Nance Cacciatore today.

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