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When a Construction Site Causes Destruction

August 26, 2020
Sign informing people of the danger in the construction site

Construction sites present various dangers. That is why those working on construction sites wear hard hats and steel-toed boots. It is also why many sites have signs declaring statements such as “36 days accident-free” as they try to maintain a safe working environment. Because of the inherent dangers of a construction site such as large equipment and dangerous tools, it is not uncommon for construction workers to become injured on the job.

Construction Site Accidents

For example, a local Indialantic resident, who specializes in drywall and painting, was on a job site when a fellow worker dropped his hand drill from three stories above him. The hand drill hit him on the wrist. Miraculously, x-rays revealed no bones broken, but his hand and wrist received trauma. His hand swelled up like a balloon! He reported being thankful that it hit him in the wrist because if the drill had come down bit-first and hit him in the head, he could have died. 

As this was just a typical day on a worksite, there was nothing particularly dangerous occurring. Every day on a construction site is one in which an accident can occur, and construction workers must always take extreme caution and be alert. But as in the above incident, there are things you cannot foresee or prevent!

Construction Site Neglect

Sometimes these accidents are the result of ill-maintained equipment or neglect of proper precautions. If that is the case and an accident occurs, then someone may need to be held accountable for the accident. It may be the construction company, an individual, or the manufacturer of faulty equipment. In such instances, we are highly skilled at obtaining settlements for our clients and also winning trial cases.

The Juliana Mason Case

Nance Cacciatore Law specializes in personal injuries of all types, including construction site injuries. One of the cases that we are proud of was one in which a concrete worker, Mr. Mason, was seriously injured while working on the Sears building in Melbourne, Florida. The roof collapsed, causing Mr. Mason to fall approximately twenty feet and paralyzing him from the waist down. Nance Cacciatore Law got to work, holding liable the building contractors involved in the construction of the scaffolding and roof. Rather than settling, this case went to trial.

We were able to win a ONE MILLION DOLLAR verdict for Mr. Mason. While you may be impressed with that win, what we are even more proud of is that Mr. Mason was an African-American gentleman, and this case took place in 1971! It was the first million-dollar verdict for an African-American individual in the United States! We had to fight the prejudices of jurors, here in the south, during a critical time in our nation’s history and its battle for civil rights. We have been fighting for our clients, regardless of color, religion, gender, or any other bias a juror might hold for over fifty years, and we will continue to do so!

Nance Cacciatore Law Will Fight for You

If you have suffered a construction site injury or any other injury in which you believe someone should be held liable, then you need to call us at Nance Cacciatore Law. We work on a contingency basis, which means we do not accept any money from our clients until we win their case. You do not need to have money to walk through our doors. All you need is a case and a little faith that Nance Cacciatore Law will fight for you!

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