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When to Hire a Lawyer

February 10, 2019

What if you were traveling on a cruise ship enjoying a family vacation and found yourself injured during a jet skiing excursion or hurt from a fall due to the negligence of the cruise line? What if you were hit from behind while driving and the person responsible for the wreck was uninsured? What if your spouse was accidentally injured on the job at a construction site and unable to return to work? What if your child suffered a concussion due to faulty sporting equipment? In addition to the fact you or your loved one could be suffering, would you emotionally, physically, and intellectually be able to handle all the work required to address the incident during such a stressful time? In order to get the most out of your case, you would surely benefit from contacting a lawyer. Once you realize that you need help, how do you decide who to contact?

So Many Choices

With the world at our fingertips via the internet, sometimes the wealth of information is overwhelming. This is even true when considering when, if, and what type of lawyer you may need for a specific event or situation. Simply go to any search engine and type in “Lawyers Near Me,” or “Types of Lawyers” and you will be inundated with a multitude of information and numerous options. From estate planning to criminal defense, civil litigation to legal malpractice; there are many types of lawyers available for legal assistance. With so many different types of legal requirements and an equally present number of laws, how do you know which lawyer is right for you and your specific legal needs? Different scenarios require different experts. At Nance Cacciatore, our attorneys specialize and practice the law as it relates to, “…helping injured people and the families of those killed because of the negligence of others.”  Our expertise applies to personal injury, automobile, truck, and motorcycle accidents as well as wrongful death cases. If you find yourself in need of a personal injury attorney in the Brevard County area of Florida, contact our dedicated legal team.

Benefits of a Lawyer

Once you have decided a lawyer is necessary and a personal injury lawyer fits the bill, what can you expect? Here are some tasks your lawyer may complete:

  • Draft legal documents, offer advice, argue cases
  • Interview the client and assess the case
  • Conduct research/build a case
  • Help obtain compensation
  • Serve as the client’s advocate
  • Handle the insurance company contact
  • Navigate the complex claims process and paperwork
  • Monitor legal deadlines

It is an important decision to determine when and if you need the assistance of a lawyer. Since our founding in 1963, our team at Nance Cacciatore has successfully obtained notable verdicts for Brevard County, FL clients in the Melbourne and Titusville areas. Call our firm at 321-777-7777 or email us at so we can schedule your free initial consultation.

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