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Where, When, and Why Accidents Occur

June 13, 2019

In a previous blog, we addressed the concept of accident avoidance focusing on preventative measures. Avoiding blind spots, keeping your vehicle properly maintained, holding your hands at the proper position on the steering wheel, proper seat positioning, and driving cautiously at night. While an accident is technically an unexpected and unintentional incident, it is not unlikely that you could be involved in something as simple as a fender bender or as unfortunate as a serious accident involving damage, injury or death. Car accident injuries can take a toll financially, emotionally, and/or physically, and hard to navigate when you have “traded paint” with another driver. Just as there are many ways to potentially avoid accidents, there are numerous types and causes of accidents. From distracted driving to accidents involving vehicle defects, different issues arise depending on each scenario. Let’s assess some different types of car accidents “hot spots” and look at ways to reduce these risks.


According to, “…most accidents often take place within 25 miles of home.” It’s easy to understand why this happens. Have you ever driven home or arrived at a local destination, only to not really recall the actual drive? This experience is most likely due to the repetition of the task putting you almost on an auto-pilot like setting. Familiarity and relaxation can cause you to be less vigilant, making you rely more on muscle memory than on the skills involving active driving. This comfort zone operating can lead to less concentration and more complacency while driving, therefore, putting you at an increased risk of being in a car, truck, or motorcycle accident. Since unpredictable elements are usually the cause of accidents, it is crucial to remain responsive regardless of how comfortable you feel with the route. So, stay alert and of course, buckle up!!!

Car crash

When & Why

While most accidents occur in close proximity to home, when and why are they most likely to occur? The answer is obvious. During rush hours or times when there are more people on the road, the likelihood of an accident happening increases. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Saturday is the most dangerous day and August the most dangerous month. Common sense seems to dictate when accidents are most likely to transpire, and drivers should be conscious and plan accordingly.

Time of day, unsafe behavior, and simple distractions all come into play as to why car accidents come about. Driving late at night puts you at more at the risk of encountering tired or inebriated drivers. Driving on weekends or during holidays also puts you in more danger due to the increased amount of drivers. Speeding, not wearing restraints, traveling during peak hours or days, multitasking while driving, talking on the phone, texting, or even eating/drinking while operating a vehicle are all reasons why accidents occur. It is important for drivers to take this all into consideration when heading out on the roadways.

If you need a car crash attorney in Brevard County, Nance Cacciatore can assist you in navigating the ins and outs of being involved in an accident regardless of where, when, and why it occurs. Our personal injury attorneys have served the people of Titusville, Melbourne, and beyond for over 60 years. Contact us to set up a consultation if you’re ever involved in an auto accident, boat accident, or motorcycle accident. We hope you learned some useful information by reading this article. Please drive carefully!

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