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Why Motorcycle Helmets Matter

November 11, 2019

We recently posted a blog regarding how to be safe on a motorcycle and how to watch for motorcycles if you are in a vehicle.  We wanted to now touch on helmet laws and why helmets matter.


Helmet Laws Differ by State

Helmet laws vary by state.  When moving or visiting from a state that has a law in place requiring motorcyclists to wear helmets, people often find it shocking to see motorcyclists zipping past them with no helmet, hair flying, face to the wind.  Florida is considered a partial-law state regarding motorcycle helmets.  Florida requires riders under the age of twenty-one to wear a motorcycle helmet.  For those over the age of twenty-one, if they choose not to wear a helmet, they are required to have $10,000 of medical insurance coverage in place.

Motorcycle Safety Equiptment

We cannot say why some riders choose to not wear a helmet.  We suppose some just like the feel of the wind and some like the freedom of not having a helmet law in place.  Some riders may like the fact that they don’t have something heavy and hot on their heads while riding in the Florida sun.  It is true that wearing a helmet can get quite hot and sweaty.


Helmets Protect in Motorcycle Accidents

However, our team of personal injury attorneys in Melbourne, FL has represented many clients who have been involved in motorcycle accidents.  We don’t want you or your family to go through the pain that can take place both physically and emotionally from such an accident.  Motorcycle accidents, like car accidents, vary in severity.  Sometimes a rider walks away from a collision with no harm done to them.  Other times, they don’t survive.


To put it bluntly, if your head comes into contact with asphalt, concrete, or a tree, your head is going to come out the loser in that altercation.  Our skulls simply are not made to sustain such a traumatic impact.  While we understand that many people don’t like being “told what to do” by the government and laws, just because you CAN do something, doesn’t mean that you SHOULD do it.


The Department of Transportation (DOT) has established standards that motorcycle helmet manufacturers are required to meet.  However, it is basically on the “honor system” as to whether or not the manufacturers actually abide by the standards.


The Type of Helmet Matters

There is an additional standard that you can look for when shopping for motorcycle helmets.  The Snell Memorial Foundation has established an even more rigorous list of standards for helmets.  If you buy a helmet with their certification, you can be certain that the helmet is meeting and exceeding the DOT requirements.


We urge you to use good judgment, purchase a safe helmet, and wear it!  If you do purchase a helmet, we encourage you to purchase a full helmet as opposed to the beanie style that resembles a turtle shell on your head.  A full-face helmet will grant you more protection.


At Nance Cacciatore we want you to be safe.  Our Melbourne, FL personal injury attorneys hope that you never get in a motorcycle accident!  However, if this happens, please call us immediately.  We will fight on your behalf to get you all the help that you need, both medically and financially.  The accident was traumatic enough.  We want to make everything after that go as smoothly as possible for our clients because we care.  If you ever need a car accident attorney or motorcycle accident attorney in Brevard County, please call us. We wish you safe riding!

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